Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: In-Depth Performance Analysis & Takeaways

Today, we’re going to explore Adidas’s budget basketball line and see if $120 can buy you a quality performer that’s on par with 2020’s standards. I present to you my Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 review!

I was personally pretty excited to check these out since honestly, A LOT of my favorite performance hoop shoes in the last few years are in fact Adidas’s. The Crazy Explosive 2017, Dame 3, Dame 5, D.O.N. Issue #1, the list goes on…


My mission today is to uncover for you if the Pro Bounce 2019 belongs to that list of Adidas’s gems and very competitive deals as well. After about 2 months of testing and playing time in the shoe, here’s what we’ll evaluate:

  • The shoe’s comfort & fit aspects
  • On-court performance
  • Overall build quality & value for the price
  • Who the shoe is best for

Let’s go!


Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Overview

Model: adidas Pro Bounce 2019
Build: Mid-Top
Available versions: mid-top | low-top
Weight: 13.9 oz / 394 g. (size 10 US)
Retail Price: $120
Cushion: Full-length Bounce
Best Offers On: Amazon adidas

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Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Top

Right before getting the shoe myself, I’ve seen reports that the shoe runs slightly long for most and it’s also not the best option for wide footers due to the narrow midfoot section as well as plastic overlays around the laces pressing on the foot pretty hard.

Well, here I am, a very wide footer + my midfoot has a high arch and elevation, making narrow construction shoes (especially compact one-bootie upper ones) a no go for me.

Knowing that I’ve got a red flag for this one, I’ve gone up half a size just to make sure I go through the review phase as I should. In a nutshell, it’s still not a very pleasant experience.

The Pro Bounce 2019 is simply not a good choice for wide footers I’m afraid. If you’re like me and want to check this one out bad, you can try going up half a size and see where it takes you.

Perhaps you don’t have such problematic feet as I do, and with less of an elevation in the midfoot & your foot not being as wide in general, you should be relatively comfortable in these.

After a break-in period that is.

One of the longest break-in periods I’ve had for quite some time. And not solely because of the upper. Mostly because of the dreaded Fuse overlay section around the laces.

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Side

I guess I didn’t see that one as much of a red flag but it wasn’t pretty.

After the shoe got less rigid, the upper adjusted to my foot (didn’t take long since it’s just a structured textile) – I was still getting pissed off due to that plastic section getting into my foot all the time, and especially during movements with more range of motion.

One time I thought this will never go away but I did. It took about 3-4 weeks to get rid of any pain. But as I’ve said earlier – it’s still not the best experience.

The shoe still feels too tight for me at times, mostly during more aggressive movements when the midfoot flexes or during cuts. No extra length or slipping issues though – I don’t have any unwanted dead space so at least the fit itself is fine.

Another thing I noticed is the lack of any major padding in the insides of the shoe. With such an issue from the lace section & the shoe being narrowly shaped in general – you’d think that Adidas would balance this out and at least put some nice pillows for added comfort.

There’s some minimal padding around the ankle area but it’s barely felt. Not that the shoe feels terrible without the padding – I’d just expected it, especially when Adidas is typically a huge fan of straight-up excessive padding in some of their shoes. And I love it.

Besides that, the shoe does have some positives – it feels really light & fast, it’s breathable, feels compact in just about every way.

So the main takeaway from this is I’d suggest skipping these if you’re a prominent wide footer. Regular/narrow footers will be fine going true to size. Just expect a solid break-in period and the Fuse overlay thing – it might not be as gruesome as I was for me but just know it might bother you.


Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Outsole

Nothing out of the ordinary from Adidas – classic herringbone taken into 2020 territory and modified & combined with another pattern. For the better or worse.

The forefoot area utilizes a herringbone pattern with deep grooves that aren’t very widely spaced but don’t really cause issues in terms of dust.

The forefoot has good bite, stopping power isn’t out of this world but enough to get the job done & it squeaks like crazy.

And now we look at the heel portion of the outsole which is an even more densely pattern with more shallow grooves & dust being more apparent there.

And that’s exactly what I mean by for the better or worse – herringbone simply wins. All the time. Sure, there are some really good patterns out there that aren’t herringbone but then why those don’t get utilized as much either?

Adidas and other brands are constantly on this thirst to innovate and give consumers something new and also something that looks appealing & “cool” which is, believe it or not, a huge attraction to a lot of potential buyers.

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Forefoot

Overall, the traction wasn’t bad. I had good bite throughout the whole outsole, the pattern covers multi-directional movements well. Wiping was required but not to a crazy, annoying extent.

A few wipes every 15-20 minutes on dirty/medium-condition courts and I’m good.

But I can’t deny the simple fact that it could’ve been even better by either fully utilizing herringbone throughout the outsole or just slapping an already proven to be good new pattern Adidas has used previously on the heel area.

So, grip wasn’t the best in the world but it was good. Dust? Fairly good in keeping that in check. Durability outdoors? I don’t know about this one. The forefoot area is without a doubt more durable than the heel.

Take a spin outdoors, and the pattern will burn out quicker in the heel while it’ll still look near-perfect in the forefoot – I guarantee you that.

Not your most durable outdoors shoe but still more durable than today’s average shoe. So props to that at least.


Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Heel

One thing that Adidas never messes upon is their implementation of already used trusty cushion compounds.

Bounce is awesome – and it’s equally as awesome on the Pro Bounce 2019. I’d say based on the feel, it’s a thin layer of Bounce. Actually felt EXTREMELY close to the New Balance OMN1’s FuelCell foam.

So, if you’re expecting bounce and lots of spring back – you won’t get much of that here. However, it’s one of my favorite setups for a reason.

Bounce was never extremely bouncy or crazy soft. It never gave you that fun, “walk on clouds” feel but it always delivers in providing a good amount of impact protection while still retaining court feel, responsiveness & keeping you as fast as possible.

I LOVE that. Performance is the one and only factor I care about when I play and Bounce always gives me that – not more, not less.

The ride is fast, responsive, I’m still feeling protected & all discomfort is taken away upon jumps, cuts, drives & landings. And I go through A LOT of jumps, drives, and landings when I play, as I prefer to play explosively.

The midsole carrier cups your foot and also forms what Adidas calls a banking barrier – those TPU plates along the lateral sides of the shoe. This works well and promotes even more stability, even though Bounce a compound is already very stable by nature.

Those looking for a fast & low to the ground setup that suits guards well but also provides impact protection will feel right at home with the PB 2019.

It’s a very low-key, yet balanced ride that guards will love the most but most other players will also find sufficient. Good job!


Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Back

Support was sufficient. My feet took a toll in these as I just don’t feel these are compatible with my feet.

But with extreme tightness & a very condensed fit comes undeniably solid lockdown and containment. Support all starts with the fit and even though it’s not my preferred fit, it plays in with the support features well.

We have an internal heel counter & external heel clip for heel lockdown, a traditional lacing system, a high ankle cut which isn’t the sturdiest of ankle collars but it does provide a tad bit of extra ankle protection.

Even though the shoe feels tight and narrow, the frame of it, especially in the forefoot is wide, so it promotes stability. Lastly, those banking barriers along the lateral areas of the shoe do a good job containing the midsole and further protecting you laterally.

The upper isn’t the most rigid of supportive but that’s not much needed when the shoe fits very securely & has most other vital support checkboxes ticked.

So, if the fit will be less of a chore for you than it was for me – you should feel very supported & secure in 2019’s Pro Bounce.


Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review: Ankle

The shoe’s upper is pretty average for today’s trend and standard for light & synthetic materials.

It’s some kind of textile coated in a synthetic for proper durability. From a premium standpoint – these aren’t your $200-level Battleknit found on a LeBron 16. Don’t expect much when it comes to softness, flexibility, or out of this world durability.

But if performance is what you’re looking for, you’ll be a bit better served here. The material is light & feels that way, it’s breathable, barely takes any time to break in and everything about it just feels minimal.

If you can get the fit right, the upper shouldn’t be an issue. Granted, I did experience better synthetic variations of an upper even for a budget shoe but this isn’t bad either.

There are more comfortable shoes, yes. There are many softer uppers, yes. And there are more durable uppers as well.

But for $120 – this isn’t a terrible deal. I’ve played in these outdoors about 40% of the time and I’m only seeing some small frays along the midsole. Merely just visual damage.

Same thing for the outsole. As I’ve mentioned in the traction section, the heel portion of the outsole is looking a bit worse but it still doesn’t feel affected in terms of performance.

So think of it a fair deal. You won’t win the lottery with this deal but you also won’t throw your money away either. This could be your indoor option or a light outdoor play option.


Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Review

The Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 would’ve actually been a solid shoe that I’d still play in going forward. Sadly, it’s kind of a throw-off for me due to the fit. Overly tight is just something that’s not my cup of tea.

But it’s just me though – for regular/narrow footers, the shoe should come off as solid. Nothing special but solid nonetheless.

The traction is fairly good & competent for some outdoor play. Bounce never fails in providing a balanced ride, they’re supportive and don’t break the bank.

Most guards, shooters, or even smaller forwards will find the Pro Bounce 2019 just fine. Let me know how it was if you get the chance to check ’em out!

You can find the final ratings of the shoe below!


Why buy from Amazon or Adidas? Click to find out!


I’ve been ordering a solid 70%-80% of my hoop shoes from Amazon and can confidently say it’s almost always the most trustworthy and convenient option to buy your shoes.

Why Amazon?

Yes, it’s great to find the shoe you’re looking for on an original retailer such as Nike or Adidas but the reality is a bit different – a lot of times, especially for shoes older than 1-2 years, it’s a very small chance you’ll find the shoe or better yet find it in your size & color.

You’ll mostly find the latest releases directly from the brand’s store but the period is usually pretty short until they’re out of stock.

This is where Amazon comes in.

Amazon is not strictly one retailer giving you the products, it’s a whole chain of thousands of different sellers, all supplying different products, including basketball shoes. You will mostly find more color and size options on Amazon for your desired shoe than on an original retailer or even a general sporting goods store.

Sure, there will be exceptions where Amazon won’t have a particular shoe but that’s on the rare side.

And the best part is the pricing – you can find older shoes and at times new shoes priced under retail, sometimes at crazy low prices, which is something you’ll never see on,, and other retailers (except during discounts/sales of course).

To sum things up and give you a generalized idea of why Amazon beats other stores more often than not, I’ve compiled a shortlist of the most notable advantages the massive store chain has over its competitors.

  • Usually, higher stock, size & color/edition availability compared to other stores
  • Blazing fast shipping times (sometimes delivered the SAME DAY if you’re close to the seller’s stock)
  • A good chance to find shoes priced under retail
  • Extremely convenient return/refund policies


Despite Amazon usually being the best and most convenient place to get your shoes from, there are times where getting the shoe directly from the manufacturer is a better idea.Why Adidas?

One, there will be times where the shoe is not available on Amazon. If the shoe is relatively new (not older than 1+ years), it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be able to find it on the original manufacturer’s website.

In this case, both options are available, so if you’ve never bought from before and you’re considering it, let me give you a bit of insight.

The main strong point of getting your shoes straight from the retailer is the fixed pricing. You’ll never spend more than you should’ve, as the price of the shoe will always be the manufacturer’s set retail price, which does not change at any point (except during a discount/sale).

So, if you’re seeing the shoe priced at $135 on Amazon and $120 on Adidas for example, this means $120 is the retail price and you should, of course, be getting them from Adidas to save some cash. This doesn’t happen too often but always make sure to check just in case it does.

You’ll also find more frequent and usually larger discounts/sales on the brand’s site. Shoes that aren’t the latest and greatest anymore are often times discounted to clear out the stock and that’s always a gem for us customers.

Once again, I’ve made a quick list of the main advantages original retailers’ stores have over other options.

  • You’ll never find a shoe priced higher than retail
  • More frequent discounts and sales that are usually pretty big
  • Buying straight from the manufacturer means no hiccups 99% of the time
  • You can find more detailed and relevant reviews left by buyers

Still not sure? I’ve made a comprehensive guide and compiled some general tips on where to buy basketball shoes online. Check it HERE!


Alright, that’s a wrap for the Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 review! I hope you found it informative as always.

If you rep Adidas as I do, I encourage you to check out my other reviews of Adidas’s basketball kicks!

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this one! Have you played in the PB 2019 or perhaps the PB 2019 Low? Do you have any questions?



adidas Pro Bounce 2019


Fit & Comfort


On-Court Performance


Value for the Price




Main Takeaways

  • Not recommended for wide footers
  • Regular/narrow footers can go true to size
  • Midfoot plastic overlay can cause discomfort
  • The rest of the shoe is solid all-around

Recommended For

  • Positions 1-3
  • Big guys who like a faster ride

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  1. Hi Julius,

    So glad I stumbled on this review! Your red flag about the narrow construction and the shoe not being as good a fit for wide footers is timely. My son (who is wide footed) and his friends have been raving about this shoe over the past week. Further red flags include its lacking in softness, flexibility and durability. I am forwarding your article to them to read. I have told them there are also other reviews on your site.

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