Adidas Dame 6 Review: Performance & Comfort Breakdown

After a truly amazing Dame 5, the 6th model needs to really do something spectacular to even match what the 5 brought. For those who are not looking to break the bank and get themselves a quality pair of hoop shoes, I bring you my detailed Adidas Dame 6 review, where we’ll find out if it’s worth your money.

I’ll be breaking down the shoe’s fit & comfort aspects, evaluating the performance on the court, seeing if it’s worth the price, and comparing it to the previous Dame 5.

Let’s begin!


Adidas Dame 6 Review: Side 3

Model: Adidas Dame 6
Build: Low-top
Weight: 14 oz / 397 g. (size 10)
Retail Price: $110
Cushion: Lightstrike
Best Offers On: Amazon Finish Line adidas

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Adidas Dame 6 Review: Top

I pretty much had zero issues on all the previous Dame models, and this one seems to be following this path. There’s some really nice padding inside the shoe around your ankle and in the heel, the upper is pretty flimsy and kinda all over the place, but the shoes are definitely comfortable.

They got four eyelets to adjust the fit and they work well for me, the laces never loosened up too much to cause annoyances, and ventilation feels improved from the 5th.

The Dame 6 finally uses a classic construction with a separate tongue and a webbed lacing system, as opposed to the one-bootie setup so many shoes love to use today.

This can be both a good and a bad thing, but for the Dame 6, I didn’t feel loose or insecure or anything, my foot sat nicely inside, plus it’s much easier to put on compared to an internal bootie construction.


We all know the weirdness when it comes to Adidas’s sizing, but since I’m a wide footer, I picked these up true to size, and the fit is great. Regular or narrow footers MIGHT need to go down half a size, but again, some users say the fit is fine even going true to size.

This is one of those times where it would be best to try them on first. But if you want to just go for it, go true to size.


Adidas Dame 6 Review: Outsole

I would highly recommend getting a solid rubber pair instead of a half translucent one, as I’ve heard people with the solid version experience better and more consistent traction.

I happened to play in the more common split pattern which is mainly translucent, and I can say they performed relatively well. I would have to admit the Dame 5 did grip the floor better mostly, and these ones are very quick to pick up dust, so be prepared to wipe them off every few plays, especially if you play on a dated court.

On clean courts though, these perform just as good as anything else. I’d say I didn’t experience awful grip as I saw Nightwing from WearTesters did, so this will really come down to the version you will buy, your weight, playstyle, and the court.

I happen to be a fast, explosive, drive-first guard, so I really do need strong and consistent bite at all times, and these did the job for me 90% of the time. Pair that with the dust picking up all the time, and the Dame 6 pretty much does not make the list of 10 best tractions on a shoe in 2020.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s got good traction but it’s not consistent 100%. If you play on an excellent court, I think you’ll be completely fine though.


As for outdoors, I would have to agree with most other people – the rubber here is really not durable and will break down quickly.

I played outdoors on a synthetic rubber court for a few days and I can already see a few cracks in the rubber, plus it’s getting a bit annoying to constantly wipe them.


Adidas Dame 6 Review: Side 2

After a killer BOUNCE cushion setup on the Dame 5, the 6th release uses the new Lightstrike, which among the first in the basketball line. I can say it’s not revolutionary or spectacular by any means, but I still liked it quite a bit.

It’s still a very versatile setup as I felt a good amount of impact protection mainly in the heel, and the forefoot area wasn’t dead either. Court feel was still present and I wasn’t sinking into the midsole at all, this felt like a classic, responsive Dame shoe experience, which is a good thing.

I’d say these are just a tad bit more on the bouncy side as opposed to a more firm side, but the balance is still there and pretty much any player would find these suitable in my opinion.

One thing I must mention, even though I haven’t experienced this yet, as I’ve been playing in them for about 3 weeks, this Lightstrike midsole is known for durability issues.

A few reviewers and people who left opinions have stated that the cushion deteriorates pretty quickly and you might find yourself with sub-par impact absorption as well as not as strong bounce as before.

The clock is probably ticking for me as well, as much as I don’t like it to, so best to keep that in mind before buying.

Overall though, this would be a setup almost the same as on the Dame 6, just a bit more bouncy, and less durable.


Adidas Dame 6 Review: Heel

You got your standard features in place – a TPU heel counter, a webbed lacing system for more lockdown, the fit is definitely contained and consistent, and the shoe’s base is pretty wide. That all sounds nice, and that stuff works, though the biggest concern is the shoe’s rounded base, which may cause instability laterally.

I’m really not sure how I felt about that, to be honest. Sometimes I would feel completely fine, I was doing my thing, driving hard, stopping and popping, and felt secure at all times.

Other times, I would kind of stop and think something’s not quite right here. The shoe does tip a bit too much at times, and there’s an increased risk of rolling your ankle with this setup. They could’ve at least put an outrigger to prevent this but now you’re riding barebones.

I haven’t rolled my ankle in these (yet) but sometimes it really does feel a bit unnatural with this shape of the outsole. If you tend to roll your ankle quite often, or perhaps you land on someone else’s foot pretty often, or you rebound a lot, this might be something to consider.

I wouldn’t put these among the most supportive shoes, which feels EXTREMELY weird to write, knowing just how amazing Adidas was doing in terms of support with their other releases all the way since 2014-2015.

Get yourself a Curry 6 if you need fantastic security in a compact frame.


Adidas Dame 6 Review: Forefoot

The shoe’s upper is pretty much all mesh with suede on certain areas. This is a very loose and “all over the place” type of setup, as the shoe looks all types of weird after playing in them. This is due to the fact it’s not really reinforced with anything to properly hold it, like Fuse or TPU.

I can honestly say I really don’t care about that or the aesthetics, but this simply screams poor durability, as the seams don’t look too reliable, plus there’s nothing to hold the upper together.

I wouldn’t take these to an outdoor park as I got a feeling they would break down very quickly.

Basically, it looks cheap, and even though it doesn’t play cheap, durability is something to consider.

Once again, feels very weird to say it when it’s by Adidas, but this time you’re actually getting a $110 shoe paying $110 (from a build quality standpoint), as opposed to the usual scenario, where you would pay $110 at retail and get yourself a killer package worth $150-$180.

If durability doesn’t bother you and you don’t really care about the looks, or maybe you like how it looks, then I guess you can bypass all of this.


The first Dame shoe in many years that caused some concern for the line’s future. Feels a bit sad to say this but then again, I really don’t think this will be the pillar going forward.

I definitely loved how the shoe fits and most people can feel safe getting them true to size, the Lightstrike cushion doesn’t disappoint either. Traction is nice though it needs some work fixing the inconsistency and the rubber picking up dust like crazy.

The biggest concern for me personally is the rounded shape and a lack of an outrigger & other features that would balance this out. I really did feel insecure at times, which is something you do not want, especially if you’re playing aggressively.

Take it how you want, the Dame 6 is not a terrible shoe, but new stuff implemented doesn’t always mean better. I can see people playing in these, but I don’t see them in a top 10 of 2019.

Find the final scores of the shoe below!




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I’ve been ordering a solid 70%-80% of my hoop shoes from Amazon and can confidently say it’s almost always the most trustworthy and convenient option to buy your shoes.

Why Amazon?

Yes, it’s great to find the shoe you’re looking for on an original retailer such as Nike or Adidas but the reality is a bit different – a lot of times, especially for shoes older than 1-2 years, it’s a very small chance you’ll find the shoe or better yet find it in your size & color.

You’ll mostly find the latest releases directly from the brand’s store but the period is usually pretty short until they’re out of stock.

This is where Amazon comes in.

Amazon is not strictly one retailer giving you the products, it’s a whole chain of thousands of different sellers, all supplying different products, including basketball shoes. You will mostly find more color and size options on Amazon for your desired shoe than on an original retailer or even a general sporting goods store.

Sure, there will be exceptions where Amazon won’t have a particular shoe but that’s on the rare side.

And the best part is the pricing – you can find older shoes and at times new shoes priced under retail, sometimes at crazy low prices, which is something you’ll never see on,, and other retailers (except during discounts/sales of course).

To sum things up and give you a generalized idea of why Amazon beats other stores more often than not, I’ve compiled a shortlist of the most notable advantages the massive store chain has over its competitors.

  • Usually, higher stock, size & color/edition availability compared to other stores
  • Blazing fast shipping times (sometimes delivered the SAME DAY if you’re close to the seller’s stock)
  • A good chance to find shoes priced under retail
  • Extremely convenient return/refund policies


Despite Amazon usually being the best and most convenient place to get your shoes from, there are times where getting the shoe directly from the manufacturer is a better idea.Why Adidas?

One, there will be times where the shoe is not available on Amazon. If the shoe is relatively new (not older than 1+ years), it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be able to find it on the original manufacturer’s website.

In this case, both options are available, so if you’ve never bought from before and you’re considering it, let me give you a bit of insight.

The main strong point of getting your shoes straight from the retailer is the fixed pricing. You’ll never spend more than you should’ve, as the price of the shoe will always be the manufacturer’s set retail price, which does not change at any point (except during a discount/sale).

So, if you’re seeing the shoe priced at $135 on Amazon and $120 on Adidas for example, this means $120 is the retail price and you should, of course, be getting them from Adidas to save some cash. This doesn’t happen too often but always make sure to check just in case it does.

You’ll also find more frequent and usually larger discounts/sales on the brand’s site. Shoes that aren’t the latest and greatest anymore are often times discounted to clear out the stock and that’s always a gem for us customers.

During the time I wrote this review, the Dame 6 is on sale for half the price, which is something you’ll never see on Amazon.

Once again, I’ve made a quick list of the main advantages original retailers’ stores have over other options.

  • You’ll never find a shoe priced higher than retail
  • More frequent discounts and sales that are usually pretty big
  • Buying straight from the manufacturer means no hiccups 99% of the time
  • You can find more detailed and relevant reviews left by buyers


Finish Line is my usual #3 option to get my basketball shoes from if Amazon currently doesn’t have it and the brand’s retail store (,, etc.) might be out of stock or doesn’t have my size.

I find them, along with a handful of other sports stores, to bring in new major and also lesser-known releases just as quickly as the main brand retailers, most of the time.

Very similar advantages to manufacturer’s stores here: very quick shipping times (and it’s free), convenient return & refund policies and you’ll never find any shoe priced over retail.

For some reason, Finish Line seems to be good at keeping a healthy stock of products, as there’s always a wide variety of sizing for most mainstream models. Something you can’t say about Nikey, Adidas, AJ, or Under Armour stores.

Of course, there will be exceptions and rare shoes that are hard to find globally won’t magically be available in large quantities here either.

Buying from the store will only be applicable for U.S. residents, so not an option for international users (unless you’re using a third-party service to ship internationally from US stores as I do).

Overall, I consider Finish Line to be the top pick out of the US’s popular sports retailers. Or perhaps I’m a little biased but regardless, I think I’ll be sticking to it for quite some time.

    • All shoes priced at retail
    • Good stock most of the time
    • Fast & free shipping for the U.S
    • Convenient refund & return policies
    • You can find quite detailed and relevant reviews left by buyers

Still not sure? I’ve made a comprehensive guide and compiled some general tips on where to buy basketball shoes online. Check it HERE!


I truly hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful!

If you’re looking for some amazing options just under $100, I compiled a list of the very best shoes on a budget right here!

How do you feel about the Dame 6? Do you have any questions? Perhaps you’d like to share your own experience?



adidas Dame 6


Fit & Comfort


On-Court Performance


Value for the Price




Main Takeaways

  • Wide footers: true to size
  • Regular/narrow footers: might want to go down 1/2 size
  • Flimsy construction: stick to indoor play

Recommended For

  • Positions 1-3
  • Most play styles
  • Shooters

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2 thoughts on “Adidas Dame 6 Review: Performance & Comfort Breakdown

  1. I have always been an addict user of Adidas to the extent that I find myself buying their products without much investigation, its no wander it caught my attention first time here. The Dame 5 model was great but if the 6 model was great as well, then I think its really that good. I think I have nothing to say about the comfort. Traction and cushioning is all great. I hope it will work wonders for me. Thanks

    1. Dame 6 is a good shoe but it’s not going to be for everyone. If you’re one of the people who would take security and reliability over a newer shoe, get the Dame 5 instead, as it delivers pretty much the same while securely doing so.

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